It's a year in review! I'm a tiny bit behind the curve, but this is going out sooner than my holiday cards (spoiler: those may never happen).

I'm so thankful to all the clients and friends that made this last year possible. I met new humans - some only a few hours old! - and new businesses. I photographed toddlers who I first met as babies. I saw moose, elk, and was reminded of how damn cool it is to live in Wyoming.

When I first decided to try and make a business out of my photography hobby, it was because I really liked taking photos. I loved trying out new techniques and equipment, and taking on clients gave me the ability to do that. Now? Don't get me wrong - I still clearly enjoy taking photos! But I've found that what I really and truly love is meeting people. I'm still an awkward penguin at the best of times, but there are few things I love more than making connections and finding out someone's story. It's like a real life jigsaw puzzle and I am HERE for it!

I don't make resolutions. I've tried, they never stick. But I am going to push myself to meet more people and put myself out there a bit more in 2020. Say yes to anxiety, because in the end, it's (almost) always worth it!

I'll end with a handful of photos from the past year! This doesn't include any of my weddings with Janelle Rose Photography, but it does include a couple commercial assignments I worked on with her.

kids jumping
bride and groom standing near cake by moutains and field
man wearing rooted in cheyenne shirt near trees
parents holding baby while smiling and looking at each other, near pine trees
the metropolitan in cheyenne wyoming
light fixture that is gold and looks woven
books about cocktails sitting on reflective counter
family looking at camera and smiling while surrounded by grass
baby laying on rug
mom and baby sitting in chair, surrounded by houseplants
senior girl near brick wall
girl looking at seeds on flowers
family walking through grass and hugging
girl walking through grass
kids playing with milkweed pods
family sitting in grass and smiling
baby smiling while being held by parents
one year old boy sitting in grass
close up of sleeping newborn ear
parents holding baby near window
kids playing near green river
man holding purple heart medal
parents holding baby
sign in window saying adventure

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