A Family

When I started out as a photographer, I was really hoping to be able to offer in-home family photography sessions in Cheyenne. It was what I was documenting in my own life, with two kids at home and one in kindergarten. Not only that, but it’s a wonderful and personal way to get a family session in during the loooooong Wyoming winters.

Since those early days, I’ve gone on to photograph dozens of newborns and their families in their homes, as well as 50+ weddings, many of which take place indoors for (usually) part of the day.

I’ve known this awesome family for years. Sandy and I went to high school in Miles City, Montana, and thanks our maiden names starting with W, we were often seated/assigned lockers near each other. We lost track of each other in college, but thanks to some common ties, managed to get in touch again before our weddings in 2007.

Toddler boy in plaid vest, reaching for toy car during a documentary family session.

It was lucky for me, as we were in need of a short term rental when we first moved to Cheyenne. Sandy and her husband had an open rental, and (VERY) generously let us stay there for a few months. I owe her my sanity!

Between her two kids and my three, it’s tough to get together. But we’ve managed to catch up every couple months. She was lovely enough to let me into her Cheyenne, Wyoming, home in January, and chase around her boys for a morning. I hope I succeeding in capturing their sweet personalities and sweet, brotherly relationship.

Boy playing with toys at home during a documentary family session in Cheyenne, WY.

(I can’t recommend these in-home sessions enough. It was a relaxed morning, full of toys, smiles, and coffee. No concerns about potty breaks, tantrums, or snacks. And I promise that as a mom myself, I won’t show anything online that I wouldn’t put up myself! Do yourself a favor and schedule a session for your family or kids, especially with this neverending Wyoming winter! If you’re looking for more information on my family sessions, head to my family session info page)

boy playing with car on floor

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