Baby M | Air Force Newborn

This gorgeous in-home newborn photography session was one of my highlights of 2021, and not for the reasons you may think!

  1. Mom is an absolute badass rockstar. She is an Air Force veteran, who worked for the Space Force in Colorado. You could practically hear me fan girl squealing from outside. Wicked smart, doing fascinating work in an emerging field? Yes, please. Let’s have coffee.
  2. Space themed nursery. I kind of want those sheets for my own bed…?
  3. I will fully admit I am…not a huge music person. I lean towards podcasts. But I also don’t love silence during newborn sessions? Dad had put on a playlist while we were waiting for Baby M to finish up a quick snack, and I absolutely fell in love with the music. I am now officially a huge fan of lo-fi hip hop, especially when combined with nature sounds. Who knew?

I mean, and of COURSE I loved sweet baby M’s mohawk, but who wouldn’t??

I loved my time with this sweet family, and hope to see them again for family photos someday! Brilliant people doing good in the world are my kind of people.

Thinking about an in-home newborn photography session? Make sure to get in touch soon! Our wedding season is shaping up to be just as crazy as last year, and I want to make sure I get some newborn sessions in as well. For more information, head to my newborn session info page.

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