Baby E

Over winter break, my family developed a SERIOUS jigsaw puzzle habit. I’m currently writing this while my laptop sits on top of puzzle pieces, because our entire dining room table is covered with pieces. I don’t know why I am enjoying it so much, but I suspect it’s both that I can easily get lost in it, as well as the satisfaction of feeling the pieces click together. I love making connections, whether it’s a puzzle, a math problem, or figuring out how someone new fits into my life.

Since Janelle and I didn’t photograph their wedding, I didn’t recognize Nolan’s name when her inquiry came in. It turned out that her engagement session with Nolan and Adam was one of my absolute favorite fall sessions to look through! Even though they weren’t one of our couples, it’s still so darn cool to watch people move through their lives, growing and adjusting.

Baby Ezra was the sweetest little thing! He rocked his newborn sessions with just the right amount of eyes open, newborn smiles, and sleeping. It didn’t hurt that he has the cutest puppy siblings – Pippa and Oliver. Pippa was mostly concerned with making me her new BFF, but Oliver was a bit more watchful, making sure I didn’t try anything that wasn’t on the approved list of activities.

This session had some really sweet touches. A beautifully decorated nursery that included artwork from Adam’s family (hung up with branch from the Boundary Waters area!), a pillow from Nolan’s grandpa before he passed, and the bassinet that Nolan’s dad used as a baby.

Congrats, Nolan and Adam! I hope you’re getting out on lots of hikes with your new little addition and his canine companions.

Baby laying on lap
Decorations in baby nursery
Dogs in baby's nursery
Handmade nursery decorations
Baby laying on moose sheets
Baby smiling in crib
Baby laying in crib while dog looks on
Dad feeding newborn with bottle
Dad holding baby
Dad holding newborn
Dad cradling baby
Baby feet next to dad's arms
Mom and baby
Mom holding baby in bedroom
Mom holding Wyoming newborn in room
Baby laying in bassinet
Baby sleeping
Wyoming newborn in bassinet
Newborn ear
Family sitting on bed with dogs

Hoping to get on the schedule? Make sure to get in touch! W I usually book my newborn sessions anywhere from two to five months out from due date, so try not to wait! For more information, head to my newborn session info page.

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