Best Locations for Senior Photos in Cheyenne

I have a lot of client who get in touch, thinking they’ll need to choose a location for their session – how do you figure out what to go? But what if you just need a pretty backdrop? Do you stay in town or go to the mountains??

Lucky for you, I’ve been doing this for ages, and have a TON of favorite spots in my back pocket.

This is a quick guide to the pros/cons/details for some of my favorite general locations in the Cheyenne area. If you read through this and find the perfect spot for the session? Awesome! But if you still have no idea (or are overwhelmed by the thought of having to choose), just answer these questions for me:

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In-Town Locations

Are you looking for something easy to get to, but still beautiful and fun? In-town locations tend to be the most popular locations for my seniors, especially boys. I’ll keep them moving, and get a variety of colors, textures, and images for their session.

Downtown Cheyenne

Downtown Cheyenne is one of my senior clients’ favorite locations. There’s a HUGE variety in colors, texture, and style in the buildings downtown, and it’s easy to mix and match. Looking for something a bit more edgy for your kid, but something a bit softer for the graduation announcements? Downtown Cheyenne plus Lions Park can fit the bill, especially for boys.

Downtown sessions typically involve a handful of spots downtown – don’t think that if you choose “parking garage”, your entire session will be there (unless that’s what you’d prefer!).

Best for:

  • Can be photographed in any month
  • Seniors looking for something a bit more modern or edgy
  • Quick drive location
  • Often combined with a second location

Wyoming State Capitol Building

The Wyoming State Capitol Building is absolutely gorgeous. Clean lines, neutral colors, and really professional looking portraits. This is a perfect choice to add to a mountain location.

Best for:

  • Can be photographed in any month
  • Seniors looking for something clean, modern, and architectural
  • Quick drive location
  • Often combined with a second location

Lions Park/Cheyenne Botanic Gardens

Lions Park and the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens are really great options for a senior who is looking for a nearby location, with a variety of outdoor options. For senior sessions at this location, we tend to walk all over the park, covering everywhere from the Conservatory Gardens, to the Labyrinth, to the areas along the lake.

Best for:

  • Best photographed from June through mid-October
  • Seniors looking for something classic and beautiful
  • Easy outdoor location with a ton of options
  • Often used as the only location for a session, but great for combining with downtown/Capitol

High School (Central/South/East/Triumph)

Another great add-on for either a local session at Lions Park, or a Deluxe Session combo with Curt Gowdy/mountain session.

For stadium/gymnasium photos, I do ask that you (parent) and/or your senior handle the scheduling with the appropriate coaches/staff. If you plan on bringing a uniform, you will need to talk to your coach to have one on hand for your session.

Best for:

  • Best photographed from June through October, but can be photographed in winter if needed
  • Athletes
  • Almost always combined with a second location

Mountain Locations

Having lived in Wyoming and Montana my whole life, it does hurt my heart a bit to call the foothills we live near “mountains”, but I suppose they are still at 7000-9000′ elevation!

Curt Gowdy State Park/Vedauwoo/Medicine Bow National Forest

I spend a TON of time at these locations, and if you have an adventurous senior who is up for a hike, the opportunities are endless!

To choose between these locations, I typically ask about preferred travel time. Curt Gowdy is about 30 minutes from Cheyenne, where Vedauwoo and other Med-Bow locations can be up to an hour drive.

If you have a senior who wants to fly fish for their session, please let me know ahead of time!! And if they have favorite fishing spots they would like to be photographed at, even better. I promise I won’t say a word about the location. šŸ˜‰

Best for:

  • Only available in June through mid-October
  • Outdoor-focused seniors
  • Great for cars and fishing

Lake Marie/Snowy Range

Lake Marie is an absolutely gorgeous location, but can be a challenge! It’s close to a two hour drive from Cheyenne, is extremely popular with tourists (yay, parking), and has wildly unpredictable mountain weather.

That said, if you are looking for something a bit on the wild side, this could be a great option! I charge an additional $400 travel fee for Lake Marie sessions, but am happy to add photos at Snowy Range Ski Area (or another nearby trailhead) prior to Lake Marie photos. Note: Snowy Range gates are only open until 5 pm, so you’ll want to plan on parking at the top and walking down the hill to the ski area. And I can’t guarantee there will be a chair low enough for photos!

Best for:

  • Can only be photographed in July and August
  • Seniors looking for the true mountain experience, with iconic Wyoming views
  • Long drive (two hours one way)
  • Can involve a lot of hiking/walking
  • Additional $400 travel fee applies

Fort Collins

Fort Collins locations are a great option for Cheyenne seniors looking for something different. Downtown Fort Collins, Lory State Park, Horsetooth…all are great options for senior sessions! Quite a few of the outdoor locations near Fort Collins do require a photo permit ($25+). I will handle the permit application process, but I will need to add the permit fee to your session fee.

Example: Lory State Park Senior Session

Best for:

  • Usually photographed in June through October
  • Seniors looking for something different
  • May need to add fees for permits

Choose Your Own Location!

Do you have a location in mind that isn’t on this list? Do you have gorgeous views right from your back deck? Or is there a spot that your senior has always loved? Let me know! I’m happy to travel, and have found that seniors are much happier in the places they love. (Travel fees may apply)

One Location vs Two Locations

While two locations is mostly only available to Deluxe Session clients, I have made an exception for clients who are looking for two in-town locations. It can be really hard to find locations that will make both senior and parent happy, so I’m willing to add a second in-town location to Full Sessions for an additional $200.

Example of Deluxe Session location combos ($849 plus tax):

  • Downtown Cheyenne and Curt Gowdy
  • Wyoming State Capitol and Vedauwoo

Example of Full Session + Second Location Add-On combos ($699 plus tax):

  • Downtown Cheyenne and Lions Park
  • Lions Park and your senior’s Cheyenne high school stadium/campus/gymnasium
  • Wyoming State Capitol and downtown Cheyenne/Lions Park

Travel needs to be factored into planning when having two locations. Deluxe Sessions include a total of 100 miles travel for both locations (50 miles to the location, 50 miles home).

Examples of Two Location Sessions

Wyoming State Capitol and Curt Gowdy State Park:

Downtown Cheyenne and Lions Park:

High School/Park Tennis Courts and Lions Park:

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