Cheyenne Botanic Gardens Maternity Session

When Brittany got in touch about a Cheyenne Botanic Gardens maternity session, I couldn't have imagined how perfect the day was going to be! Knowing her session was going to be in January, we scheduled a session time at the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens conservatory for before they opened.

We woke up to gently falling giant snowflakes (which for anyone who knows southeast Wyoming, the snow is never ever falling gently). Even though we'd scheduled a session inside, I was really hoping we'd be able to grab a few photos outside with the snow, but it did stop during the hour or so we were at the gardens. Oh, well! As you can see, Brittany chose the absolute perfect dress for a shoot at the gardens.

I don't always know how to explain the perfect maternity dress, since it really depends on the features you'd like to flatter, as well as our session location. Brittany chose a fantastic dress for showing off her shoulders and gorgeous earrings (as well as hide some very comfortable flip-flops, which might be the most important part). The color she chose went perfectly (and I can't stress how perfectly) with both the green and the terracotta-colored pots and walkway, and I loved the lace overlay.

It was so wonderful to meet Brittany and CJ, and I can't wait to meet their new little one in the next few weeks!!

Hoping to plan your own Cheyenne Botanic Gardens maternity session?

You need to plan ahead! Photography session times are only available before the conservatory opens, and they must be reserved ahead of time. This means there is only one photography slot on Saturday, otherwise your session will need to be Tuesday through Friday (not open Sunday or Monday). Sessions start at 9 am, so be prepared to get ready early!

If you book with me and would like to go to the conservatory, let me know and I'll make the arrangements. There is a $10 permit fee for up to 3 people, which I am willing to cover as part of your session fee. If you have more than 3 people (not including your photographer), the permit goes up to $25. At that point I will need you to cover the additional $15.

You can bring small props - think a ribbon, tiny shoes, a sign. No balloons!!

If you do have small children, know that there is a pond with fish, and kids are VERY fascinated by it! You also need to make sure that your kids know they aren't to pick any of the flowers. If you think this might be a bit too distracting of an environment for your littles, let me know and we'll find the perfect location elsewhere!

You can head to my Maternity Session Info page for more information! I offer both standalone sessions, as well as a maternity + newborn session package for a discounted price. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch!

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