Rachel + Tyler | Fall Wyoming Mountain Photos

Oh, man. I am SO glad this sweet, sweet family was the one that got the worst of the mosquitos during a Wyoming mountain photo session! I mean, I’m never happy in that situation, but it did mean that 1) they were going to make the best of it, 2) I got to see them twice in 2021!

For our first session near Laramie, I thought I’d found a great spot. Tons and tons of gorgeous lupine, perfectly green aspen leaves. You know what else loves summer rain? Mosquitos. Swarms of mosquitos.

I grew up in southeastern Montana, near the confluence of the slow-moving Tongue and Yellowstone Rivers. Irrigated farmland. Standing water everywhere (well, until last year, thank you climate change). And mosquitos that would bother even the most hardy Alaskan. So I have a fairly high tolerance for the stupid things. But this evening was miserable and unmanageable for all of us, so I told them we were going to cut our session short, but that I was giving them another session in the fall, free of charge.

Thankfully, the mosquitos were non-existent for our second Wyoming mountain session, and the color was at its absolute peak! I’m so thrilled I got so see sweet baby E twice, and am very grateful for this family’s patience and flexibility! Thank you, Rachel and Tyler!

Thinking about your own family session in the Wyoming mountains? I’ve put together a post with some of my tips for a summer family photo session. And don’t worry – I now carry bug spray in my car at all times!

For more information on my family sessions, head to my session info page. Ready to book? Head to my Contact page and send me a message!

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