What’s Included In A Newborn Session?

Still not entirely sure what's included in a newborn session? I'm here to help!

I've decided to run a short series with more information about my newborn sessions. Everything from why you should choose an in-home lifestyle newborn session, to what to wear, to how much deep cleaning to do before the session (spoiler: none).

Today's post will cover what is currently included in all of my newborn sessions, as well as what those things are and why I include them.

All of my sessions include:

  • A two hour newborn session in your home;
  • A sneak peek photo slideshow;
  • All the final digital files in an online gallery;
  • Print release.

Do your sessions include family? Siblings? Grandparents?

I include photos of the entire immediate family in all my sessions. I will include photos of mom with baby, dad with baby, siblings with baby, entire family with baby. While I call these "newborn sessions", the approach I take is more "newborn with family session". My focus is very definitely on photographing the new baby, but I will make sure no one else feels left out!

As far as grandparents, I do ask that you let me know ahead of time if you'll want them included. The more people we add to a session, the more time-consuming and challenging it becomes, so I may need to provide a custom quote for including grandparents (or other extended family) in a newborn session.

Family laughing in newborn lifestyle photograph.

What about pets?

I will happily include your pets in whatever way you feel comfortable with! I don't have any allergies, and may be bordering on an.... obsessive love of cats.

Mom holding baby in bedroom

Only two hours for the session? - OR - OMG, two HOURS for a session?

I've found that two hours is pretty close to the perfect amount of time, depending on how things are going that day. By no means will I photograph all of you for two straight hours, though! This gives me time to look around your house for the right spot, for baby to get changed multiple times and fed as much as needed, as well as for your two year old to warm up to me being in their house. If we get done early, great! If we run late, also totally fine.

Do you really include all the files?

Yep! I charge an amount that I feel covers my time and effort enough to not want to charge you on a per file basis. You will receive every photo that I deem worthy enough of being included!

Dad holding baby hands.

How will I receive the files?

I will put your photos in an online gallery as soon as I'm done editing them. From there, you will be able to download them and print/share/email them anywhere you would like! They will be full-size, with no watermarks. You are also welcome to share these galleries with your family and friends, and they are welcome to download the photos too.

The only thing I ask is that you back up your photos. While your gallery won't have an expiration date, if I were to go out of business, your gallery would go away. Make sure you put all your files on a USB, or even better, print them!!

dad holding baby

What's up with the "sneak peek slideshow"?

I am SO excited to be able to offer these this year! Instead of sending your sneak peek as standalone photos, I'm including 10-15 of them in a slideshow set to music. You'll be able to share your slideshow with family, as well as on social media, and a copy of it will be included with your USB.

Do you offer prints? Albums?

I do! While you're more than welcome to download and print your images wherever you want, you will also find a variety of professionally printed products available for purchase in your gallery. The client gallery platform I've chosen (Pic-Time) does a beautiful job of showing you what your photos might look like as a finished product - including reasonably priced albums and hardcover books!

Newborn wrapped in white and coral swaddle, looking at photographer.

When should I book my session?

I don't have one good answer for this. Helpful, right? But I've had parents get in touch months in advance, as well as when the baby is a month old. Sometimes you don't think about it until the baby is here, or maybe you've changed your mind along the way.

For the most flexibility in scheduling, especially in the summer or if you need a weekend session, I would recommend getting in touch while you're pregnant. Babies come on their own schedule, of course, but if I have a general idea of when your baby may arrive, it's much easier for me to work you into the schedule.

Baby is already here and you need a photographer ASAP? I'm your person. I only take a limited number of newborn sessions, so that I can keep some flexibility in my schedule for those who show up at the last minute. I do prefer weekday mornings for newborn sessions, but I know that doesn't work for everyone!

Interested? Drop me a line using my contact page! Still wanting more information? Head to my newborn session info page.

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