Pauley Family

We lived in southwest Wyoming for almost a decade, and made lifelong friends while we were there. Although "friends" may be an understatement. These are little humans I've watched grown and change and become more and more awesome with each passing day. So when I was passing through this fall, I made sure to catch up with them for a quick family session along the Green River.

Not much can beat fall in Wyoming! Somehow we timed it just right (note to everyone thinking about 2020 - late September is the best time for fall color), with epic oranges and reds. The girls found some milkweed plants near the river, which are always fun and full of texture.

Nature is good for the soul. Looking at these photos makes me smile - not just lovely people, but because of the incredible place we live. You can hear the swish of the grass, the crunch of the leaves, and the smell of the water. Life is grand when surrounded by beauty and life and warmth and family (including chosen), and hopefully it comes across in these photos.

Family hugging and smiling at the camera, surrounded by grass
Kids smiling and hugging
Kids standing near bushes with fall colors.
Family sitting in grass
Kids walking through grass to get to river
Girls looking at milkweed in fall
Girl opening milkweed pod
Dad talking to daughter near river
Boy holding stick with seaweed on end
Family looking at river
Girl running through tall grass
Girl holding milkweed pod open
Boy climbing riverbank
Girl showing milkweed pod tufts to camera
Sunset on hillside

Unfortunately, I am done booking family sessions for the remainder of 2019. Between the wind and the snow, this fall has already been a bitter one, and I don't currently have an indoor option for sessions. But if you'd like to get on the books for when sessions open up again in the spring, please get in touch! Books are still open for newborn/event/weddings, however.

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