Radtke Family | Scotts Bottom Nature Area

Welcome, Baby Corbin!! I finally got to meet this little guy last fall, when I met up with his family at Scotts Bottom Nature Area, in Green River, Wyoming. Perfect light, adorable curls, worn out loveys…it would have been the perfect night anyway, but these sweaters?? Please excuse me while I swoon.

I’ve been a knitter for ten plus years now. To say I’m a bit obsessed is probably an understatement. If I could knit instead of sleep, I’d be as happy as could be. I knit everything from socks to sweaters, hats to cowls. But this?? Kelly knit her ENTIRE FAMILY sweaters. And not just any sweaters, ridiculously cabled sweaters. She knit a sweater WHILE ON MATERNITY LEAVE. Yes, I know, I’m overusing the caps lock, but AN ENTIRE FAMILY OF SWEATERS.

I still get excited looking at this session. I may try and run some sort of mini sessions next spring/fall for lovey and me sort of sessions. There’s just so much awesomeness there, you know? My own kids each have a lovey, and I know how much they’re a part of our family. I would seriously drive almost as far for Jimmy the Dinosaur as I would for Ruby Mae herself.

On to the sweaters! Er, baby!

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