Tips for Your Six Month Old Photoshoot

Working as a Cheyenne photographer has given me the opportunity to meet and get to know some wonderful locals. I first met Nolan and Adam back in late 2019, for their newborn photos with little Ezra. We met up in summer 2020 for their six month old photoshoot with the three of them. I'm so incredibly happy we made it work! Nolan has an incredible eye for color and style, and she somehow managed to pick the perfect colors for an afternoon in the aspens up at Curt Gowdy State Park (which, coincidentally, happened to be the exact spot they took their engagement photos with my best photo partner in crime, Janelle Rose Photography).

I really enjoyed getting to see little Ezra at six months! He's still in full baby mode, curious about everything around him, be it flower or camera lens. He was more than happy to dig his toes into the dirt, play with aspen leaves, and snuggle up for photos.

I love getting to photograph six month old, especially after I've taken their newborn photos! The tiny baby is now squishy and smiley and absolutely perfect, and it's so much fun to see parents become Parents. Six months olds aren't nearly as suspicious of the camera as one year olds, and are bubbly, smiley things!

Keep these tips in mind when planning a six month old photoshoot:

  • Plan ahead! If your baby is six months old in fall or summer, it can be tricky to get on my schedule. I would recommend getting in touch when your baby is roughly three months old.
  • We'll most likely need to meet during the day. Six month olds are fairly tied to a nap schedule. This session happened at 4 pm, but the only reason that worked is because the leaves were on the aspens. In the winter, I plan on a lot of these sessions in town, in the shade of evergreens.
  • Bring snacks, water, diapers and a drool bib! Honestly, just bring the diaper bag! It's a great place to stash sunglasses and keys anyway. You'll want some puffs or another easy snack. Six month olds are notorious for starting to cut teeth around this age, so you may want to find a cute drool bib.
  • Bring a blanket that can go on the ground if you want solo shots of baby. Don't have a blanket you want to put on the ground? Baby not sitting up on their own? That's completely fine! I'm able to photography an entire six month old photoshoot with babe in arms, so don't stress out if your little one isn't sitting yet.
  • Plan on a quick session. These fall under my Half Sessions, and are 30 minute sessions.

Considering a six month old photoshoot? Get in touch!

Mom smiling at baby during six month old photoshoot.
Baby trying to walk while holding on to mom's hands.
Baby sitting on blanket and chewing on giraffe.
Baby playing with aspen leaves with Cheyenne photographer.
Baby walking with dad during six month old photoshoot in Wyoming.
Cheyenne photographer with family.
Parents snuggling baby in aspens.
Mom holding baby.
Dad holding baby while sitting on log during six month old photoshoot.
Family laughing
Baby chewing on flower.
Baby in suspenders.
Family sitting on log and smiling.

Need more information on family sessions? Trying to find a Cheyenne photographer? Get in touch! We currently have a ton of weddings scheduled for September and October, so my last chance for family sessions may very well be August. Get on the books now!

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