Baby N | Snuggly Newborn Photoshoot

So many newborns this month! I’ve had such fun meeting families and hearing their stories during our cozy at-home newborn photography session. And little Miss Nora is no exception! It was really smokey out on the morning of our session, so I didn’t get a chance to meet the city chickens and peruse the garden, but I did meet her older “siblings” – two fantastic Italian greyhounds. One of the puppies made it his mission to protect the new, confusing member of their family, although by “protect” I do mean “lay near the door then scatter at the first sign of stranger”. It’s a start, though?

italian greyhound

From sheep pillows, to chicken stuffed animals, to elephants, this nursery is hands down amazing.

newborn nursery items
newborn baby nursery
cheyenne newborn photography
baby yawning
baby sleeping in crib
mom smiling at newborn
mom holding baby in chair
baby hands
dad holding baby in wyoming
baby stretching
crazy baby hair

Thanks to, you know, the western US being on fire, it wasn’t worth trying to go outside, at least not for long. Lucky for me, we had great window light, even more plants, and laid-back, brand new parents (seriously, you two are so chill. Please go back 7 years and give me as a new mom a few lessons).

sleeping baby smiling

A huge thank you to Gretchen and Max for hanging out with me for a couple hours! I sincerely enjoyed meeting you and your lovely little girl (and dogs!) and would love to come by again to see the girls out in the garden. I have so many chicken questions!

Interested in an in-home, lifestyle newborn photography session of your own? Shoot me a message! These sessions are great for any age baby, especially now that we’re getting into the cooler months. I’m able to work around your schedule, as well as photograph the details you’ll want to remember ten years down the road.

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