Test Rolls

I am over the moon about these photos. Seriously. It sounds twee, or cliche, or something, but geez….I love them. It’s something about the colors and the throwback to a simpler (ha!) method of photography.

wyoming film photographer

I only have one lens for my SLR camera, and it’s manual focus. Which is quite the challenge with these wahoos. The results from my first set of scans did show me that I need to close up my aperture a bit. Shooting at 1.9, manual focus, with a three year old, is sheer insanity with a low success rate.

But the colors. And the depth. Even in areas that were blown out (the white areas), there’s still detail. It may be because I took the photos, but when I look at them I see that moment. The light at that particular moment made. this. photo. Craziness.

I’m still looking for a couple families that are willing to try out a family film session. Due to the cost of film and developing, I can’t offer these sessions for free, but for the small session fee you’ll receive both film proofs as well as short digital session with files. See this post for more details, or contact me to book!

wyoming film photographer
Kodak Portra 400. Fuji 400H. Fuji 200. Developed by The FIND Lab. Shot on a Yashica FX-3 with a 50mm 1.8 lens.

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