V Family

It's been a whirlwind of a year (okay, decade...?), so this post is a bit of a throwback to a Fort Collins family photography session from late 2020. I first met Nolan and Adam in Cheyenne, WY, for a newborn session in late 2019, followed by a six month session in mid-2020, and finally capping it off with a one year session in winter 2020! While they were living in Cheyenne at the time, Wyoming weather is notoriously unpredictable in November, so we met up for one year photos at Lee Martinez Park in Fort Collins. And thinking back on it, I'm pretty sure I barely made it out of Wyoming before they closed the interstate due to high winds and trucks blowing over!

I'm so thrilled I got to photograph this family three times during their time in Cheyenne. They were truly the kindest souls, and while I was sad to see them move in 2021, I've been happily following their adventures on Instagram and am so glad to see them back with the family that they love so much.

Getting to photograph little ones at birth, then six months, then one year is one of my favorites parts about my job! Not only do I get to see them get bigger and start to run around, but I get to see the relationship between them and their parents unfold. It's worth the hassle of trying to find a session location in winter!

Best wishes on a wonderful life ahead of you, Nolan and Adam! For anyone else in Cheyenne or Fort Collins that might be interested in a family session in the upcoming year, make sure to reach out through my contact page! For more information on my family sessions, head to my session info page.

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