Liz Putnam Photography and family

about me

Thirty-something-ish, mom to three small ones. Former engineer and wildland firefighter. Knitter, baker, appreciator of good beer and better music. Defender of public lands and pollinators.

Cats. Always.

I'm an introvert that loves a good story.

Thanks to that whole experience of "newborn twins", I'm hard to rattle. My house is in an ever-evolving state of chaos and paper, kids and dirt. Don't be a jerk, bring a good story (and possibly a beer), and I promise we'll get along just fine!

questions & answers

Do twins run in your family?

Yes, yes they do! My set of twin girls is something like the sixth set in four generations or something equally ridiculous. Fun fact: twins do NOT skip a generation.

Did you grow up in Wyoming?

Nope. Born and raised in Montana, college in South Dakota, then the last 15 years in southern Wyoming (minus a too short stint in central Oregon). I love Wyoming for its public lands and access to said public lands, so it's been a bit of an adjustment to southeast Wyoming.

How long have you been a photographer?

My first camera was my dad's camera when I was in elementary school. My poor parents spent way too much money on film processing. I picked it up here and there throughout college and my 20s. I've been pursuing it seriously since 2015.

What camera do you use?

I've been a Nikon fiend since the beginning. Thanks to my primary job of shooting weddings, I use two Nikon D750s. One typically has an 85mm lens, the other a 28mm lens (that has become my one true love in my photography life).

Podcasts or music?

Podcasts. It was like someone took my love of non-fiction and made it into a weekly audiobook with friends. I love pretty much everything science, some humor, and a somewhat embarrassing amount of interview/personal narrative. For current recommendations, find me on social media!

Why cats?

No idea. Because they're evil, sneaky little bastards who will weasel their way into your heart?