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Cheyenne, Wyoming Photographer




Who says family photos can't be fun?

(Your spouse and kids, that's who.)

I'm here to change the narrative. Family photos can be fun. They can be adventurous and joyful, meaningful and honest. You can leave your session feeling better than when you arrived.

I'm the mom of three kids, including twins. I get it. Kids are loud, they are messy, and they are the best thing to ever happen to you. You have times you wish they were more independent, yet you wish they would never grow up. They're why you're so passionate about photos with your family - capturing those tiny little fingers, cheesy grins, and tangled hugs.

Eight years into this, I've learned what works and what doesn't for families. I know that the more fun your family has, the more relaxed and natural the connection will be. We'll keep the adventurous busy, and give the shy time to warm up. There will be laughs and giggles, hugs and (good) mayhem.

Are you ready for some fun?

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Mom hugging two daughters on back step.

Meet Liz.

Mom to three fantastic daughters, employee to two unappreciative cats, owner of a pandemic puppy, spouse to one badass husband.

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About me

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Real Families

Girl smiling on swing

Mattie + Kyle

Cheyenne, wyoming

"Getting family pictures taken can be difficult, especially with little kids, and even more so when you’re kids don’t like to smile for the camera! Liz worked magic with my family. She was so friendly, kind and patient. She knew how to take away the pressure of trying to force a perfect pose and helped us all enjoy our photo session...I have beautiful family photos and both kids smiled! She even captured their serious faces, grins and giggles and I love them all."

Family laughing and hugging at Curt Gowdy State Park.

Kodi + Sandra

Tampa, florida

"We travelled out to Wyoming for a vacation in June 2021...Liz was PHENOMENAL!! Not only did she take amazing portraits and candid photos of our family of four, she really knew how to have fun with us and our two young kids. The moments that were captured are stunning!"

Kelly + Seth

green river, wyoming

"Liz has a way of putting even the most grumpy toddler or camera shy 8 year old at ease and capturing each persons personality. She's shot my family for years and every session has turned out absolutely gorgeous!"

Dad kissing baby on head and looking out window during newborn photos at home.

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