Why did you become a newborn photographer?

Looking back at my own kids' newborn photos, I'm not just looking at their perfect little lashes. I'm reminiscing about that blanket they loved, where we lived, the pets we had. Their photos don't just show their perfect little fingers and toes, but also the life we had and the people who were a part of it.

Lifestyle newborn photography focuses on the connections you and your family have with your new baby. Laid back and in the comfort of your own home. You'll receive images that not only tell your story in a real and meaningful way, but are also beautiful enough to hang on your wall.


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Baby in basket.

Newborn Session

All of my newborn photography sessions include photos of baby, family photos, as well as photos of the nursery and decor.

You can share your online gallery with all your family and friends, and everyone is welcome to download/print. No limits on downloads, and your gallery doesn't expire.


1-2 Hour in-home session

custom processing

100+ digital images

priority edits

online gallery


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Woman holding pregnant belly near green trees in fog

Maternity + Newborn

Wanting to document the entire experience? This discounted package includes both a full newborn session (shown above), and a thirty minute maternity session. Head to my maternity pricing page for more info, or click the button below.

You'll receive your maternity photos within 1-2 weeks of your maternity session, and your newborn photos within 1-2 weeks of your newborn session. Package includes all the final digital files from each session.

To receive discount, both maternity + newborn sessions must be booked at the same time.


30 minute maternity session

1-2 hour Newborn session

custom processing

priority edits

online gallery

All final digital images

Parents snuggling new baby.


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Get in touch.

I will send a sneak peek gallery and slideshow within 3 business days of your newborn session. You will receive full sized images, and will be able to share these with family and friends!

Your full online gallery will be available within two weeks of your session. This gallery will include ALL your final digital images, along with your slideshow, at no additional cost.

To hold a space on my newborn calendar, I require a signed contract as well as a $50 deposit. Best part? Both can be handled online!

Once the baby arrives and you are back at home, you can either send me an email or text me on my personal cell. At that point, I will give you a list of mornings to choose from for your session!

Note: I schedule most of my newborn sessions for weekday mornings. I am able to make exceptions for school/work schedule conflicts (let me know this when you book), but it may take a bit longer to get on my schedule.

You can inquire about availability by heading to my Contact page, or by clicking the button below. Typical response time is 24 hours, unless I'm at a wedding or traveling. I will reply with my availability, as well as a session guide that includes additional info about my newborn and maternity sessions.


Mom poses for a photo with her toddler and new twin daughters.

I'm a newborn photographer, based in Cheyenne, WY, since 2016. Hard to believe this, but we've lived in Wyoming almost 20 years!

As you can see in the photo (circa 2013), I'm mom of three girls, including a set of twins. Literally NOTHING can surprise me at this point! Crazy toddlers, jumpy dogs, cranky newborns...I've been through it all, I swear.

I'm laid-back, organized (at least for my clients!), and somehow grew up to be an introvert with excellent small talk skills. I have a background in engineering, wildland fire, and wedding photography, so I promise I have no shortage of stories to entertain you with!

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Mom holding baby feet.

Planning Resources

Newborn baby yawning while laying in crib.
Dad kissing newborn daughter on forehead.

what to expect during a lifestyle newborn session

what to wear for a newborn session

How To prepare for a newborn session

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Do you have a studio?

I do not have a studio. All of my newborn photography sessions take place in my clients' homes.

Do I need to clean my entire house for the photo session?

No!! I typically find the room with the best light, and we'll most likely shoot near a window. As long as there's a place for you to stand, it works for me! If you have a nursery (and want it photographed), we'll make sure to photograph in there too.

More blog posts to the rescue! I have a post dedicated to preparing for your newborn session, including how much to clean (spoiler: not at all) and how to prepare siblings.

When should we schedule our newborn session?

Babies are often fairly sleepy in the first two weeks, which is great for photos! But if you have family visiting, or it just doesn't work with your schedule, anytime in the first 4-5 weeks should be fine. It's very dependent on your baby - I've photographed sleepy newborns as old as 7-8 weeks!

Are family photos included in your newborn photography sessions?

Yes! Lifestyle newborn photography puts an emphasis on the entire family and how the new baby fits into that home. If you have older children, I typically start the session with photos of the entire family, followed by sibling photos, then photos of mom and dad with baby. By that point, the newborn is usually ready for a snack, and post-snack is the perfect time for some baby only photos! During downtime, I get photos of the nursery and/or details around your home that help tell your story.

Do you do any posing of the newborn during our session?

I bring myself, my camera, and a couple neutral colored blankets to sessions. If you have a special item you would like included, I'm more than willing to do so, but I don't supply any props.

Posing newborns means the "head on chin" or "froggy" style of photo. Posing newborns is difficult, and requires hours of training to pose safely. I've decided to go in a different direction with my style, so I do not do any posing of newborns in my sessions. Note: this is different than posing of adults. While I won't overly pose you and your family for your session, I will do my best to give you gentle direction to make you look your best!

What should we wear?

Something comfortable! For mom, my suggestion is usually a neutral top, paired with comfy jeans or leggings. For dad/partner, neutral shirt and jeans. For siblings, jeans and neutrals, or a soft dress (honestly, you just had a baby, so whatever you can get them into is fine!).

For babies, simple is usually best. We can always add colors and patterns with bows, blankets and wraps. Solid colored onesies are always a classic, timeless look, and pair well with parent outfits.

Avoid neons in both clothes and blankets/sheets, as they can create some odd color casts on newborn skin. If you need help choosing outfits, I'm happy to help! I also have a blog post with more specific info on what to wear for your newborn session.

Can we include our pets?

Of course! I have a dog and two cats myself, so I'm not bothered by excited fur friends. If they're upset by my visit, you're also welcome to keep them in the backyard until it's their time to shine.

Do you offer birth photography?

As much I would love to, due to the scheduling conflicts with having three kids still at home, I'm unable to do so at this time.

Do you offer maternity photography?

I do! You can head to my maternity session info page for a bit more info. I offer a discount for newborn sessions when booked with a newborn session.

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