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Family enjoying a family photography session by laughing at hugging in the tall grass at the Cheyenne arboretum.

Every family is a joyful one.

And I'm here to find your joy. Your playfulness. The calm and connectedness in the chaos of life. Every single family has a story, and while it has its ups and downs, think of your family photography session as a time to yourselves.

I'll manage the chaos for a bit. I'll chase the toddler, I'll get the kindergartener to tell his best fart joke, I'll find a quiet spot for the teen to take their portrait. All I need you to do is show up and let me do my thing.

I've been a Cheyenne, WY based family photographer for almost as long as I've been a parent (and we're at a decade on both), and I promise you, nothing your kids or family (or dog) can do will surprise me!

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My family photography session fees are all inclusive: the time spent at your session, custom processing, 75+ images, and an online gallery are all included with every package.

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Common Questions

Why did you become a family photographer?

One of my favorite things in life is delivering a gallery to a family and having them realize just how dang good they look! While I fully believe in family selfies (get in those photos, moms!), I have 10+ years of family photography experience looking for the perfect light, in the perfect spot.

I have a system in place that will create a stress-free experience (or at least as stress-free as I can!), and I will show up ready to play with your kids, chat with your spouse, and deliver a gallery of images you will be thrilled with.

What does the family photography session fee include?

My session fees are all-inclusive, and include the time for your session, custom processing, all the final digital images from your session, and an online gallery. USBs are available, upon request, for an additional fee.

What are your session prices?

You can head to my family photography pricing page for session prices.

Where should we go for our session?

I'll help you figure that out! My favorite family photography session locations include the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens in Lions Park, Curt Gowdy State Park, Vedauwoo, the Wyoming State Capitol building and the natural areas in and around Fort Collins. I also love sessions at clients' homes, both inside and out!

With a few exceptions in late summer/fall, I do require all Mini Sessions to take place within a 10 minute drive of Cheyenne, WY. This includes Cheyenne parks, at home sessions, downtown, as well as the High Plains Arboretum.

If you really have your heart set on the mountains, but want a Mini Session, get a friend to book a session with you. I'm happy to book back-to-back Mini Sessions up in the mountains on a date of your choosing (and who knows, maybe we can even squeeze in a few photos with you and your friend!).

What should we wear for our session?

As a family photographer, this is one of the most common questions I get from clients, so I've put together an in-depth post dedicated to "What To Wear For Your Family Session".

Coordinated outfits do tend to give the most "cohesive" look in photos, but I much prefer happy families over matching outfits! If you do want to coordinate, start with the person who has the strongest opinion about their outfit and go from there. Layers and texture (think scarves, flowy cardigans) can be helpful, but only if they're something you normally enjoy wearing.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE dress for the weather! I will shoot in almost any temperature, if needed, and can promise you it is extremely obvious if you or your children are cold (not to mention it's miserable for all involved!). I also ask that everyone wear appropriate footwear, especially for mountain sessions. There's a surprising amount of tiny cactus once you leave city limits!

For those of you with summer sessions, I've put together tips on how to prepare for your summer family session!

What is the best time of day for our family photo session?

During the spring, summer, and fall, I typically schedule sessions for 1-1.5 hours before sunset for the best light. I know this doesn't always work the best for bedtimes for tiny people, so I am willing to adjust that as needed. Note that if you've scheduled a Mini or a Half Session, I may have multiple sessions per night.

Winter light is more forgiving, and I am happy to shoot at most points during the day. Weather (*wind* cough, cough) tends to be the determining factor for timing on winter shoots. Starting in late October through January, most of my sessions are in the morning.

What if my child won't cooperate?

Every family has their wrench in the works, including my own! Give me time and space, and I promise I'll sort it out. I don't love being in front of the camera myself, but sometimes having a job or a task to do helps a little one find their place in the chaos.

If you have a child who is sensitive to their surroundings and may need some extra time to settle in, let me know when booking and we'll start out our session at a more relaxed pace.

Do you work year round as a family photographer?

I'm available for most of the year, but the bulk of my summer and fall is spent photographing weddings. If you have your heart set on a weekend, get in touch as soon as you can!

I typically don't schedule sessions over Thanksgiving or Christmas break, but you're always welcome to get in touch and ask!

Do you have a studio?

I do not have a studio, but I do offer in-home family photography sessions! I have several years of experience photographing weddings and newborns, so being an in-home family photographer is second nature.

For weather concerns in the warmer months (mid-May through mid-October), I will occasionally need to reschedule your session for another night. But from late-October through early-May, be prepared to be flexible on session dates.

What about extended family photos?

Extended family sessions are those that include more than one nuclear family - grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. I only provide custom quotes for extended family sessions, as they can range anywhere from six people to 20+ people. Note that I get a TON of requests for these over Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks, and only take on (maybe) one session per break. So get in touch early!

How do I book a family photography session?

Head to my contact page and get in touch! Unless I'm at a wedding or out of cell service, I respond within 24 hours or sooner. In the message box, feel free to add days of the week or dates that work best for you, and I'll do my best to accommodate your request. Weekends go extremely fast, and are usually reserved for Full Sessions and extended family sessions.

Family snuggling in aspen grove during fall family photography session.
Siblings smiling at the camera with sun behind them.
Brothers hugging.

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Amy + Kids

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