Cheyenne School Photography

Serving public and private schools, daycares, and preschools in Cheyenne, WY

Hello, I’m Liz!

I’m the mom to three girls (including a set of twins), and have been a professional photographer for almost ten years. Having worked with hundreds of families in the Cheyenne area, I’ve found that my favorite part of my job is childhood portraits. Shy kids, quirky kids, rambunctious kids – all my jam.

So, in 2023, I decided to pursue the opportunity to take school portraits for my daughters’ elementary school. Such an awesome experience from start to finish – getting to work with 200+ kids over two days, and deliver high end portraits to their parents? Yes, please!

I’m looking to expand my school portfolio in 2024, but in order to keep my product high quality and my customer service top notch, I will be limiting the number of school clients I take on.

What I Offer My Schools

  • Professional, high quality images, delivered in color and black & white.
  • All aspects of the business are handled by me – from photo taking to prints.
  • Prints are shipped directly to parents. No more crumpled photos in backpacks!
  • Local photographer, who understands the parent perspective.
  • Customer service is my top priority. I will handle all product delivery issues for parents.
  • Staff headshots, including a complimentary digital image for personal or professional use.
  • Complimentary student photos for administrative use (yearbooks, Infinite Campus, etc).

What I Offer My Parents

  • Beautiful, modern photos of their child.
  • Private galleries.
  • Fellow mom of three! I know how important these images are to families, especially those who may not have the opportunity for photos outside a school setting.
  • A kind, caring experience for their child. I will never pressure a child into smiling or standing in a way they are not comfortable with.
  • Professionally printed images, delivered to their doorstep.
  • Pre-pay not required. Parents are able to see the image before purchase.

“Liz was the photographer for our elementary school this year and I must say I’ve never seen such incredible school pictures ever!” ***** – Danielle

Next Steps

Wondering if I’m a good fit for your school or organization? Use the contact form below to get in touch! I’m happy to set up a phone call or in-person meeting to find out what your organization is looking for, and whether or not I can meet your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! While I prefer to stick with neutrals colors (gray, white, tan) for a more timeless feel, I am planning to offer additional colors based on your organization and time of year.

I am happy to share my price list during our call or in-person meeting! I want printed photos in the hands of as many people as possible, so my printed products are priced to meet a variety of income levels. Digital images are also available for purchase, and can be printed anywhere.

I do not charge any upfront fees, to the school or to parents. I am paid through parent purchases (both print and digital) after the images are received.

I am currently looking for schools and organizations with less than 250 students and staff. For elementary aged students and above, I prefer to get all photography done before lunch, which means I can photograph about 100 kids over a 4 hour period.

I’m happy to discuss scheduling needs during our call or meeting!

Every child I photograph will receive a slip of paper with a QR code on it. Parents will use this QR code to access their child (or children’s) gallery. I will not use any child’s image in a public space, unless I have received permission from their parent or guardian (as I did for all children featured on this page).

For most of my schools, I offer wallet size through 8 x 10s. I also offer digital images for those parents who would prefer to print their own photos and/or share on social media.

All staff will receive a complimentary digital image of themselves that they can use for personal or professional reasons.

And I definitely have answers! Use the contact form above to reach out, and we can discuss over the phone or in person. I typically respond to all inquiries within 24 hours, but if you don’t hear back, email me at [email protected]. I occasionally have trouble with my replies going to spam, especially with organizational email addresses.