Baby L | Green River Newborn Photography

After a weekend in Pinedale for a wedding with Janelle, I headed back to Green River, Wyoming to meet the newest addition (six days old!!) to my favorite family in the entire world. Everyone, meet Leo. In three decades, he'll be pursuing a career as an English professor, working on getting his manuscript published, surrounded by two labs, the partner of his dreams, and planning his next backpacking trip along the Continental Divide trail. He might be the product of an engineer and a mathematician, but I like to think that with the help of his aunt Heather, I can steer this little thinker down the more philosophical path. 😉

I couldn't be more thrilled to see a third Stanley-Pauley. Whatever Leo sets his heart on doing, it'll be done well, with compassion, respect and honesty every step of the way. Families like theirs give me hope that what we see now is temporary - we're going to raise a new generation of kids, supporting them in their quest to save the planet, marry who they love, and bring about change.

So much love to this amazing family!!

PS - Gracie (the cat) is still secretly my favorite.

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baby sleeping on bed
baby hands and toes
baby with pacifier sleeping on bed
baby head, toes and feet
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newborn sleeping and smiling

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