Gretchen + Max | Medicine Bow National Forest, Wyoming

I first met Max and Gretchen as they started out their journey as parents to the cutest baby imaginable. Guess what? She's still undeniably adorable.

Baby with parents in background

I love the outdoors. them. Snowing, raining, sunny, cloudy. I'll take it all. So when Gretchen said that not only did they want to go for a hike for their photos, but that Max had the perfect aspen grove, I was all in.

Minus the small hiccup where we watched a young bull moose attempt to stomp a dog who had gotten ahead of its owners, it was the perfect fall evening. I was over the moon to be with people who were totally fine to forge ahead with the plan after the moose had disappeared into the trees.

Moose in the Medicine Bow National Forest
Family hiking through woods with baby in backpack.
Baby playing in the mud
Toothy baby smile
Baby smiling with mom
Family in aspens
Baby with dad
Smiles from baby
Family walking in forest
Family in aspen grove
Family hiking back to car
Family hanging out

A huge thank you to Max and Gretchen for a great evening of conversation, wildlife, Wyoming skies, and bringing beer for the hike back!

I know it looks a little odd to be posting fall photos in June, even if it still sort of feels like late winter in southeast Wyoming. But my fall schedule is filling up! We have a busy wedding season ahead of us, along with some personal commitments (new baby and concerts, woohoo!!). So if you think you might need family photos, get in touch sooner rather than later!

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