Unicorn Photoshoot? Why, Yes!!

It’s not everyday that I get asked to do a unicorn photoshoot, but when I do…oh, man. I will say yes every. single. time.

Taylor got in touch to ask about a family session, and casually asked if we could include their pony, Coconut. Oh, and she might have a horn and a flower wreath. As excited as I was for this, I couldn’t have imagined how perfectly Taylor pulled together their outfits and flower crowns to go with Coconut’s new unicorn persona!

We started with the non-fairytale portion of the evening (not included: photos of their VERY large and VERY friendly barn cat that I had to remind myself to not steal and take home). The girls then changed into their gorgeous off-white dresses, and we got Coconut ready for her unicorn debut!

A huge thank you to the F family for such a wonderful summer evening!!

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