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Ashley contacted me about a newborn photography session when sweet baby V was about two weeks old. Since I do in-home, lifestyle sessions, the fact that V would be about three weeks old at the time of the session wasn’t a problem! Three to four weeks old is almost the sweet spot of this type of newborn photography – old enough to open their eyes and look around, but still curled up and tiny, with the best of flaky feet.

I loved everything about this session. Ashley and Joe clearly have an eye for color and simplicity, but my favorite part? Getting to hear the story of how this lovely little family came to live in this beautiful house in the Cheyenne Avenues. Ashley lived in this house as a child, and it happened to be on the market when they were looking to buy. Being in a desirable part of Cheyenne, Wyoming, they had to do some extra legwork – but I can’t imagine a seller turning down a buyer who tells them they want to raise their family in a house they grew up in.

Sweet baby V spent much of the session napping in her parents’ arms, but we did get some stretches and yawns!

mom sitting on couch holding baby
newborn baby stretching on blanket
mom in living room with baby
parents holding newborn baby near window in cheyenne, wyoming
dad holding cheyenne newborn
dad holding newborn baby near window
newborn baby in wyoming
baby being sleeping in parents' arms
mom smiling at baby
baby stretching in crib
baby nursery
baby stretching arms and feet
baby on dad's lap
mom holding baby
swaddled baby
parents and newborn baby
new parents with baby
baby smiling at mom
baby yawning

If you are interested in a newborn session, get in touch! I only take on a limited number of newborns per month, to allow me (and you!) flexibility in scheduling. For more information, head to my newborn session info page.

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