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My mom and my grandma are both registered nurses. I grew up with a mom who taught nursing classes at the local community college, then home health, then night and day shifts. She’s covered everything from assisted living to labor and delivery. My grandma traveled all over the US when I was little – from Alaska to Choteau, MT. I have an incredible amount of respect for the job and the people who have chosen this as their life profession.

Enter Gretchen. Gretchen is a registered nurse at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center. While I don’t know her in her professional life, I have gotten to see her as the mom of one little girl, and now two little girls! I’ve watched her be a kickass gardener, a no-nonsense urban chicken farmer, and at this moment, sewing masks for herself and her coworkers. Thank you SO much for your hard work and dedication during the pandemic, Gretchen!

One of the reasons I love photographing this family is that they are fully on board with documentary style newborn photos. This type of session is perfect for a family with a toddler, as there are no hard and fast rules on how the session will go. Baby needs fed? Awesome! Big sister wants to sit on her bed and read books? Perfect. It’s a less stressful option for what can be a very stressful time for everyone. Are they going to be clean and polished and show a perfectly wrapped newborn next to her also perfectly wrapped toddler sister? Maaaaybe not…but what you will get is a gallery of images that show what your family was like in the early days of the newest member.

Things to keep in mind when planning a documentary style newborn session:

  • It may take longer than you planned. This is true for any session with a toddler, especially one who has had their world just upended! There will be unexpected tears, snacks, and hiding in their room for a bit.
  • You don’t need to clean your entire house! This entire session took place in the nursery and older daughter’s room. Had the older daughter’s room not been somewhere the family wanted to be, we would have brought the books back to the nursery. And don’t forget – I’m also a wedding photographer. I have photographed getting ready rooms that would make the messiest toddler on the planet blush. I am skilled at leaving the chaos out of frame!
  • You will still receive photos of the baby by themselves. I will make time for newborn only photos!

If you’re looking to book a newborn session, you can head to my newborn session guide. Ready to book? Get in touch!

Dad comforting newborn.
Child smiling
Mom sitting in chair feeding baby while laughing with toddler.
Newborn baby girl
Mom and baby
Dad reading to daughter.
Dad and newborn photography in Cheyenne Wyoming
Dad feeding baby
Newborn baby
Decorations in nursery
Newborn baby with mom
Baby smiling while sleeping.
Baby laying in crib.

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